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攝影/後期 戴洪泓
Photography in the late Hong Hong Dai
文案/編輯 戴洪泓
Copy editor  Hong Hong Dai
英文/翻譯 李明娟
English translation Juan Ming Li

The Spring Festival of 2016
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Being busy fora whole year, I put down the work, pack up the luggage, go back home. Lookingat my missing loved families, there are my favorite noodles and baked bean curdwaiting for me.

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I remember when I was young, every earlymorning during the summer or winter holidays, I would be dragged out of my bedto practice calligraphy by my great grandfather. After breakfast, he would takeme to wonder around the bustling bird and flower market. This can be effected,at least in the mood. So whenever I am, I will hang out in the bird and flowermarket in my free time.
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Sometimes, it is a pleasure for me ask theprice, even though I don’t want to buy it, just think it is funny.

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Karst landscapes and moist climate, protectnumerous fossil coenosis. It is absolutely perfect. Whenever I pass by thesemarket niches, I will stay for a long time.

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Phyllostachys parvifolia,is maily located in the high mountains at an altitudeof 1500-2000 meters above the sea level, in Guizhou and Sichuan Provinces. Itis used as the tobacco pipes and fishing rods in local. Because the bamboo bodyis very strong with the smooth feeling, and the shapes are usually unique, itis usually bought by the personswho love them.

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Phyllosta chys and monsteraceliciosa, are also perfect natural materials for making fishing rods. Walkingaround, I ask the local villagers for their phone numbers, and wonder: where isthere such bamboo?

- 尋字 -
- Lookingfor the Chinese Characters -

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Duringthat period, the uniforms of the bunch needs redesigning. It was just that timethat I started to practice Chinese calligraphy again and look for the suitablecharacter syles. Because the computer fonts couldn’t express the enthusiasmvery well, I have to look for it in civil.


Whenever I see the packing of fishing gearproducts, or someone is writing with the brush as I pass by, I will stop tohave a good look. If I think it is good, I will ask the gentleman for onepiece. It is not an easy thing, it may inspire me …

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Finally, I met this Mr. Qin Yuan, in themarket of flowers and birds, in Guiyang. I am relieved. . I remembered I hadbeen there for several times, every few days. Later, the gentleman asked me, doyou want to write “battle”? Haha…

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Just on this street, I saw someone make thefishing rods with bamboo at the scene for the first time, with high prices. Aslightly processed fishing rod will be sold for 300-500 yuan. The valve rodwith corona or ox horn will be for thousands. I was sitting in the shop for 2hours, watching the master baking the bamboo with the alcohol lamp, then,making it straight with bare hand. I talked to him sometimes. Later on, when Iwent there again, I had the desire to buy one. And then I began to choose inthe shop, and finally bought one the day before I left.

- 上山尋竹 -
- Looking for the bamboo in the mountains -

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In Qingzhen not far away from Guiyang,lives my cousin. We used to pursue our careers in Shenzhen together. So we havea very close relationship. We just have relatively few links in recent years. Thistime, I came here to ask him to go fishing.

And, I dragged my cousin to Bijie. Becausea villager I know in the market of flowers and birds used to tell me that,there are plenty of such bamboos in the mountains behind his house. I can’tignore the voice in my inner heart that I really want to have a look at thebamboo which can be used for fishing. So let’s go!

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It is about 240 kilometers from Guiyang to Bijie.The place we are heading is very remote, it is in a distant valley even fartheraway from Bijie.


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The temperature is changing so rapidly fromthe foot to the top of the mountains. We are just halfway, the trees arecovered with ice, hanging on the branches, beautifully. It is even slippery onthe ground. We couldn’t go a little faster. After this “great” road, a even “better”one is welcoming us, it is bumpy, muddy, with huge stones scratching thestomach of the car. My cousin is so distressed that he keeps saying, oh, mygod, this is my new car!

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This picture impresses me the most. Thegrandpa and his grandchildren are very surprised to see me. They have neverthought about that someone will come to buy the bamboo which seems to beworthless in their eyes. It is pretty cold on the top of the mountain, there issnow everywhere, with fine drizzling rain. The house is so poor that it makesme think of the students in the mountains in the hope project. Expecially themonent the grandpa is looking at me, he seems to say, please buy all of them…


But finally, they are not Phyllostachys parvifolia, just a smallamount of thorny bamboo, with limited years. I left disappointedly. Before leaving,I look back at the grandpa …

- 尋竹.清鎮原始森林 -
- Lookingfor the bamboo, virgin forest in Qingzhen -

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Gettingback to Qingzhen, I rest a night at my cousin’s. Early the next morning, I dragmy cousin out of bed, “please accompany me to have another look nearby.” Out ofthe unsastisfaction for the last time, I open the map to look for the nearby forest.Then, I go to the local Forestry Bureau and the Original Forest Management Centerfor help. I also climb a high mountain, after numerous turnings, I get to thetop finally. But this region doesn’t seem to have bamboo, all you can see isthe pine tree. It is only about 800 meters above the sea level.

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- 尋竹.鯉魚村 -
- Lookingfor the bamboo, Carp Village -

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The thirdday, my cousin says, stop it, let’s go fishing !

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It isalmost March at that time, but water temperature is still very low, there isn’tmuch fish in the water. Occasionally, some chub or carp come out of the water,provoking me. Watching the bamboo forest behind me, I put down my fishing rod,run over. Haha, with no change in my heart.

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My goal isto find phyllostachys parvifolia, I need several short but complete ones, butnone of these in front of me.

640.webp (9)_副本.jpg

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Go, fishing, play with mycousin for a little while.

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- 尋竹.找到川野 -
- Lookingfor the bamboo, find Chuanye -


I go backto my grandny’s. To be honest, I couldn’t forget what I am looking for thistime. Then, I try to begin to search qq groups. The key words of my searchingis: bamboo fish pole. The first one popping out should be the hottest, and mostrelated to the key words. I go in without doubt. First of all, I find the groupowner, we have a talk. He tells me that: the materials of making fishing rodsare mainly located in Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Guangdong and Guangxi, provinces. Afterwards,he recommends many Japanese professional rods making websites to me and I canalso appreciate the works of masters. This is my first time to know more aboutthe bamboo fishing rods from the professionals. It is also my first time toknow about the founders of this group: brother Zheng, Tanjing, brother kun…

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Beforelooking for the bamboo, I bought a book named <Sichuan Bamboo PlantsRecord>, I want to know more about the material. Just the day before thebook arrive, I get a call from the villager. He tells me that he has found avery nice bamboo rod, he wants to give it to me. I give him a packet ofZhonghua cigarettes in return. That’s my wish. Then, I go to the fishing gearshop and get the bamboo.

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Comingback to Shenzhen, I buy a file, some emery paper and so on, polishing thebamboo when I am free. I want to have a look what it will be like. Later, I getsome other tools from Brother Zheng. He also gives me some fargesia, processed and unprocessed, I think this maybe the course.

- 下期預告 -
Next Trailer

Return to nature and follow the path of fishermen.

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We aregrowing old quietly. But we still know exactly where we are going, because ofthe authenticity of our inner heart. The childhood toys, could never be myfavorite again. As time goes by, I try to look for another hobby.


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All things come to those who wait.


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