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攝影/後期 戴洪泓
Photography in the late Hong Hong Dai
文案/編輯 戴洪泓
Copy editor  Hong Hong Dai
英文/翻譯 李明娟
English translation Juan Ming Li

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- 難得相聚 -
A rare reunion
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July 25th, 2016, Peng Zhou, Cheng Du.

The thick cloud can always be seen as long as you look up. It’s cloudy most of the time, sometimes, sunny. Today, is a reunion day for the craftsmen. I heard it’s difficult for them to come together like today,except each winter they get together to cut the bamboo in the mountains.

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Since the fishermen come together, how couldn’t they go fishing? Hey, let’s go fishing !

- 飛蠅釣 -
Fly fishing
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It has been raining for several days. That makes the surrounding river levels rise and it is full of unclear rapid streams everywhere. Shan Fu has been to many places in his car, and they turn out to be not ideal. Because of the fly fishing we are going to play today, what we need is a stream or a river with running water. Fly fishing is different from the traditional ones not only because of the skills, but it’s also ornamental at the same time.

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We have almost been to every water around 20kilometers in size. Finally, we come to a reservoir. This is a quiet water with mountains around. But as soon as I step into the water, I am warmly welcomed by the Asian tiger mosquitoes. The favored enemy of O-type blood! No wonder the little girl armed to the teeth today. I have no choice but to obediently accept my fate. Who let me dress in shorts and vest!

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Getting off the car, the professional fishermen begin to check the fishing tools regularly.

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Fly fishing: it is a kind of fishing, using the bionicbait which imitate the insects falling into the water, including the flies, the mosquitoes, the dragonflies etc, to stimulate the fierce predatory fish in the water. It is flexible and free. But it requires the fishermen to have high capacity of casting and controlling the line. Because the weight of the lure which is used as the bait is almost zero. So, the throwing of the lure is decided by the path of the line and fishermen’s experience.

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Some bait made by Shan Fu himself .

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Brother XIaozhen doesn’t have much experience about it, sometimes, he has problems throwing the lure. Modest Shan Fu always teaches him carefully and makes some action models for him.

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Shan Fu has gone fly fishing the most, so he is the most experienced. Tan Jing is learning to throw the lure next to him, over and over again, and she is always doing the same movements as he is doing.

I remember that was my first time outdoors, using the high-speed continuous shooting SLR camera. On the one hand, I couldn’t focus very rapidly. On the other hand, I neglect many details, because fly fishing is so ornamental that I almost forget to shoot. So the whole process is not recorded completely. I have some regrets in my heart. But I believe strongly that in the future, we will have another chance to get together, to make up for this mistake.

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At around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we drive away from the reservoir. The corn standing along the village path seem to wave goodbye to us, with a light fragrance of corn.


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